Sunday, February 13, 2011

Got Tires? A work in progress at Bobs Tire Town

In the process of restoring my 1962  Corvair Rampside suitably named Roscoe, it would have to
have 4 new tires. You need tires?, you go to Bobs Tire Town Bob's has been a fixture in Los Angeles, the corner of Washington and Arlington for more than thirty years. It's been there so long that you almost don't see it anymore, you know what I mean? Anyway, back to the tires. Bob's carried the size tire that would fit my vintage truck which was not the case with the big chain stores. I borrowed a car and took my rims over to Bob's. Edwin, Bob's manager had already pulled the tires I would need, and within a half hour I was out the door; but not before I made Bob an offer he couldn't refuse.I said,"Bob, your place looks like shit!, let me create a garden for you!" He was already tuning up his mouth to say no because he didn't want to spend any money. I said, no really, all I need from you are tires! He couldn't quite wrap his mind around what I was saying because he had no point of reference. The place always looked like shit, people just stood around waiting for their cars. Most people   used their  time to make calls or went across the street to the mini market just for something to do.

Plenty of tires saved from the landfill!
I asked Bob if he could get me some tires, about two hundred of them? He said,"Tires, sure!, I got tires, I'll get you the tires, when do you want them?" You can tell by his excitement that he bought my idea for the tires.
A garden in progress

I think I had him at, FREE! Anyway, I set about gathering recycled plants while my helper cleaned the space, stacked the tires per my layout, then filled the stacks with soil. I did a first layer of plantings with what would be the bones of the garden. The larger Agaves, Salvias and grasses.
We had a good two weeks of rain
after which  I  planted another layer with Aloes, Sages, and Succulents.  I've got some weeding to do which is fine,because  it's sort of therapy. This garden is gonna rock in another year or so; right now it's causing quite a stir in the neighborhood. When folks walk by when I'm working they can't help but give me an old story about Bob's Tire, or ask me about the Agave's. Isn't that the plant you can make Tequila?
The cool thing is that Bob let me run with it and the community gets a garden! It feels good giving back to community! So now you know what you can do with used tires! If you have an eyesore in your community, or if you would like a community garden or a garden of your own, go it! Maybe that's all it'll take is for someone to get the ball rolling and that someone could be you! Get your hands a little dirty, it feels good, kinda naughty but nice! We've always been told to keep our hands clean. I now  give you permission to get them dirty and grow something! It's rewarding in so many ways!'s kinda sensual!! shhhh!
Have fun!